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Beth Spencer, DVM

Medical Director

Dr Beth Spencer brings patience, perseverance, and compassion to her practice. As a Fear Free certified veterinarian, Dr Spencer takes time to work with pets so that they are comfortable during their visit. She emphasizes wellness and preventive care so her patients can stay happy and healthy.

Dr Spencer is dedicated to clear communication, helping her clients understand their pets’ healthcare options. She also coaches the next generation of veterinarians in their CSU communication labs every year.

As a parent, Dr Spencer strives to create a kid-friendly environment with snacks, books, and coloring. She always enjoys answering kids’ questions, knowing she might be inspiring a child to become a veterinarian!

Dr Spencer completed her undergraduate studies at Yale University and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from the Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine. On weekends, Dr Spencer enjoys hiking, camping, skiing, reading, movies, and spending time with her husband Eric, her kids Phoebe and Shane, and her 2 dogs Mobi and Brownie.

Christine Dolce

Hospital Manager

Christine welcomes each client with a positive, friendly attitude. She is transparent about treatment and care and takes a flexible approach to service. By creating a clear plan with the owner, Christine helps vet visits go smoothly. Christine uses Fear Free strategies. She is skilled at reading animal body language, which lets her know what patients need. She adapts care as needed so that pets do not get stressed out. Her helpful, organized attitude helps the clinic stay efficient. Christine’s goal is to make a positive impact on clients and patients to ensure they have the best experience. She is constantly looking for new ways to make visits better.

An avid fan of Fear Free, Christine loves learning about behavior and how to keep pets from getting stressed. She is currently working on her Fear Free certification. She also enjoys attending seminars about advances in the veterinary field.

Christine received her B.S. in Biology from the University of Potsdam. She is from New York and spent a month exploring America before settling in Colorado. She loves traveling to national parks, and her goal is to visit all 63. Her pets are Hudson, a Connemara Pony, and Odin, a rescue dog. She loves working with all animals but has a soft spot for dogs and horses.

Penn Chinudomsub, DVM


Dr Penn’s hardworking, down-to-earth personality and clear communication are just a few of the reasons her clients love her. She insists all of her patients have positive experiences at Goodheart, so she adjusts to their individual personalities and uses positive reinforcement and Fear Free techniques.

By attending large conferences every other year, Dr Penn stays informed and updated on her ever-evolving profession. She also keeps current by enrolling in continuing education events offered by local specialists in between conferences and subscribing to weekly veterinary podcasts.

Dr Penn believes that biannual preventative care is the best means of avoiding major health issues. She is especially interested in dentistry and soft tissue surgery. She is also passionate about shelter medicine and providing for shelter animals. Dr Penn has traveled abroad to provide veterinary care for under-resourced communities.

Born and raised in Southern California, Dr Penn received her undergraduate degree from the University of Wisconsin and attended veterinary school at Oklahoma State University. When not at Goodheart or traveling, she enjoys running, skiing, cooking, gaming (both video and board), photography, arts, and crafts. Her and husband Ryan share Lux, her cat that she adopted when she lived in St. Kitts, and her former barn cat, Kaylee.

David Liss, DVM


Dr David Liss’s clients love his compassionate and thorough approach to veterinary medicine. He empowers his clients to make the best choices for their pets, taking time to discuss all aspects of a treatment plan, its pros, and cons, and answer any and all questions. This way, Dr Liss ensures pet parents feel comfortable with and educated about their pet’s health plan. Clients also appreciate his empathetic, easy-going, and humorous personality.

Dr Liss is Fear Free and Low-Stress Handling certified. So, he can read the patient body language and change his tactics if he notices a pet start to get nervous.

He received his undergraduate degree from Emory University, where he double-majored in Biology and Psychology. He graduated with his DVM from the University of Illinois. And he completed his internship at Colorado State University. Dr Liss loved the Centennial State so much he decided to settle in Denver.

In his free time, Dr Liss enjoys concerts and music festivals. He also loves hiking, snowboarding, and exploring Denver’s food scene. While Dr Liss loves all animals, he is partial to cats. His two Tuxedo cats, Cosmo and Roo, have stolen his heart.

Cassie Jensen, DVM


Dr Cassie Jensen empowers pet parents to make the most informed decisions for their pets through high-quality communication at appointments. Whether seeing healthy or sick pets, Dr Jensen feels happier when she’s helped someone understand how to better care for their cats and dogs.

These skills have helped her build strong patient-client-veterinarian bonds. Clients love her kind, positive personality. They appreciate the time and attention she gives to each patient.

Dr Jensen reads pet body language cues so that if a pet seems nervous, she uses treats and adjusts her approach to help calm them.

She stays current on veterinary skills through continuing education webinars and veterinary journals. She also aims to pursue certificates in Fear Free, nutrition, and feline medicine.

She graduated with a Biology degree from Purdue before receiving her DVM at the University of Minnesota. She hikes in the summer and skis in the winter. She also loves reading, traveling to see family and friends, and brewery hopping. She is a dog mom to Hank, an Old English bulldog, and Thomas Jefferson (“TJ”), a domestic shorthair cat.

Kherith-Brooke Taylor, DVM


Dr Kherith-Brooke Taylor wants clients to feel involved with the entire process of their pet’s care. She offers a safe, non-judgmental environment to discuss ideas, concerns, and expectations.

Her favorite thing about being a veterinarian (besides all the great pets she gets to help) is building trusting long-term relationships with clients.
Dr Taylor uses Fear Free techniques to reduce pet anxiety. She offers treats and adjusts her methods to the pet’s comfort level. She minimizes noise stimulation and gives pets their own space and time to adjust.

Dr Taylor has an interest in oncology and performing elective soft tissue surgeries. She received her Bachelor of Science degree at Georgia Southern University, attended vet school at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, and then completed her clinical year at Kansas State University.
She enjoys concerts and amusement parks, roller skating, and skiing when not working. You can also find her at home hanging out with Triton, her three-legged Retriever mix.

Elisa Rodgers

Registered Veterinary Technician

Elisa Rodgers really listens to client concerns and goes the extra mile for all the pets she sees at Goodheart. She is compassionate and comforting to both clients and their animals. She makes appointments easier with clear communication and ensuring all concerns are addressed.

A certified vet tech since 2015, Elisa keeps her job skills current by attending continuing education seminars and reading technical journals. She is particularly interested in aging and arthritis in dogs. Plus, she enjoys educating pet parents on enrichment and the importance of wellness exams.

With an empathetic heart, Elisa has filled her home with lots of animals: Louise, the bearded dragon; Joey Ramone, the leopard gecko; Francis, the cat; Cher, the long-haired guinea pig; and, finally, the best dogs in the world, Bodhi and Spratt, the terriers and Miss Fancy Pants, the Chihuahua.

Rachel Hoelzer

Registered Veterinary Technician

Rachel brings a sense of understanding and empathy to clients and pets alike. She enjoys helping clients make the most educated decisions for their pets by ensuring they don’t leave with any unanswered questions. Rachel also strives to make visits to Goodheart Animal Health Center stress-free and comfortable by helping to ease our patient’s pain or anxiety.

Rachel loves learning new things so she can continue to educate clients effectively. She keeps current on veterinarian medicine by following interesting case studies and attending continuing education seminars. She is particularly interested in anesthesia and pet behavior.

Rachel adopted her sweet, funny dog Dylan in April 2019. He is a deaf two-year-old Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog. She also has Gir, a big man stuck inside a little dog’s body. He is a 12-year-old Cairn Terrier mix who has been with her through seven moves and even across state lines. He is such a dapper gentleman!

Rebecca Powell

Veterinary Care Professional

Using easily understood language, Rebecca helps clients understand their pet’s treatment plans. She listens to the client’s concerns and works with the doctor to create solutions. Patient care and comfort are her top priorities.
Rebecca educates clients about the importance of routine vet visits. By seeing dogs and cats regularly, she believes we can help reduce the chances of them getting sick.

After graduating with her Marine Biology degree, Rebecca plans to attend vet school. Currently, she strives to use her skills daily so that she can continue to improve. She loves playing games with her family, hiking with her dogs, Skamp (Jack Russell Terrier mix) and Nikko (Shiba Inu), and relaxing at home. Along with Skamp and Niko, Rebecca also has a cat, Oliver; Panda, a guinea pig; and Lieutenant Dan, a bearded dragon.

Sean Doyle (He/Him)

Veterinary Care Professional

Sean’s love of animals is at the forefront of everything he does. He loves to meet clients and their pets and work with them to find solutions for their unique needs. Through collaboration, patience, and transparency, Sean makes veterinary visits easy and comfortable for people and patients. He uses Fear Free techniques and educates clients so they can make informed decisions about their pets’ care.

Sean is a huge cat lover who shares his heart with his senior cat, Nana. When not working, he enjoys being outside, enjoying the beautiful Denver weather. His favorite outdoor activities are biking, hiking, and kayaking.

Sabrina Scott

Veterinary Care Professional

Sabrina loves getting to meet new people and pets and building relationships with them. She understands the importance of collaboration and trust, so she always includes clients in their pets’ treatment plans. She also checks in constantly with clients while their pets are at the hospital; this ensures that all of their needs are met and that they are able to approve all plans. Sabrina wants clients to feel assured that she is always providing the best quality care for their pets.

To help pets feel comfortable, Sabrina offers treats, practices positive reinforcement, and uses Fear Free techniques. She loves that Goodheart prioritizes pets’ comfort, suggesting alternatives when traditional appointments are too scary. Sabrina is specialty trained and certified in CPR.

Sabrina attended Pima Medical Institute. Since graduating, she has worked in the veterinary field, working her way up to a technician. She shares her heart with her two dogs: Misha, a rescue German Shepherd/Husky mix who has one brown and one blue eye, and Moe, a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix who has been Sabrina’s best friend since Sabrina was fourteen-years-old.

Emily Zibell

Veterinary Care Professional

Emily’s goal is for patients and clients to feel comfortable at their appointments. She strives to provide the best possible care; she listens to clients’ concerns and works with them and the doctor to find the best treatment plan for each pet.
Currently working on becoming Fear Free certified, Emily uses low-stress handling techniques to help scared or stressed patients. She watches their body language and adjusts her care to help them feel more secure. Pet comfort is her top priority.

Emily received her bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Central Connecticut State University. Since joining the veterinary field in 2017, Emily realized her passion is for helping animals. Currently, she is working toward becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. When not working, she and her Yellow Lab, Sprout, can be found having outdoor adventures, such as hiking and camping.

Codee Vogler

Veterinary Care Professional

Clients appreciate Codee’s gentle approach. She is empathetic and collaborates with clients to ensure each pet gets the best, individualized care. Codee also loves educating clients and answering their questions. She wants clients to feel informed and involved with the entire appointment process.

Codee is an advocate for pets’ needs and uses Fear Free techniques to help with stressful appointments. Because she is intuitive, she is able to pick up on subtle cues in pets’ body language and adjust her care to fit their needs. She loves meeting each patient who comes into Goodheart.

Codee earned a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biopsychology from New College of Florida in 2018. The skills obtained from her studies have served as a foundation for her success in the field of veterinary medicine. Since graduating she has worked with several veterinary clinics, including ones that are feline-specific, holistic and homeopathic, general practice, and emergency. In her time off, you can find Codee with her Parson Russel Mix, Toby, exploring the great outdoors. They share their home with two guinea pigs, Acorn and Truffle.

Tay Dotson

Veterinary Care Professional

Bio coming soon!

Angelica “Gel” Ross

Client Service Coordinator

Gel is a dedicated and patient advocate for every animal who comes to Goodheart Animal Health Center. She values the importance of keeping pets comfortable and secure by utilizing Fear Free practices. As a pet owner, she understands how overwhelming vet visits can be, so Gel sets up expectations before each appointment and takes time to answer any questions that clients may have. She also educates clients about the importance of preventive medication and lab work so that their pets live longer, healthier lives.

Gel attended the Vet Assistant Program at Pima College but continues her learning independently by watching videos and researching new medical practices. She loves all animals and appreciates the differences between breeds of dogs and cats.

In her free time, Gel loves to watch movies while doing diamond paintings or Sudoku puzzles. Her pets are Bandit, a 13 yr old Australian Shepard/Collie Mix Peanut, a 13 yr Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix; and two cats.

Miranda Silva

Client Service Coordinator

Miranda’s approach to patient care is through empathy, education, and a positive attitude. She believes in collaborative communication so that clients can be involved with their pets’ treatment and care. She also enjoys teaching clients about the importance of preventative care and yearly lab work. Clients appreciate Miranda’s positive and helpful attitude and that she always has a smile on her face.

Originally, Miranda went to school for massage therapy; however, while in school, she began working at a dog daycare and realized she wanted to stay in the animal field. She brings her experience with dog behaviors and animal body language to Goodheart. To keep her skills current, she attends continued education events and reads articles about the developments in the veterinary field. When not working, she enjoys having adventures with her children, Nathaniel and Vylette, spending time with her friends and family, hiking, and diamond painting. She has two Chihuahuas – Nikko and Soncho, and a black cat named Shadow.

Meghan Tuers

Client Service Coordinator

Clients appreciate Megan’s individualized approach to care for both clients and patients. She always ensures that clients feel supported and heard. She also greets every person with a smile and a positive attitude. Because the vet can be stressful for pets and owners, Meghan does what she can to make everyone feel comfortable.

Meghan understands that each pet is unique, just like each person. So, she tailors her approach to fit their needs and comfort level. Her philosophy is to treat pets like people, with respect and understanding. She can make even the most fearful or nervous animal feel safe while at their visit by reading their body language and practicing Fear Free techniques.

Inspired by her aunt’s work with animals, Meghan attended Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology. She watches educational videos, and networks with other people in the field. Outside of work, she loves to spend time outdoors: hiking, camping, fishing, or even reading in the sunshine. She also likes to take her two dogs, Mazikeen (Golden Retriever) and Ellie (Maltese) to the dog park. Her family is completed by Abu, her Bearded Dragon snuggle-buddy.

Alexia Covarrubias

Client Service Coordinator

Alexia is passionate about Fear Free techniques and keeping pets comfortable during their time at Goodheart. She allows pets to adapt to the hospital, offering love, treats, or a quiet place to decompress. She has experience reading and understanding dog behavior, so she adjusts her approach based on the pet’s cues.

Clients appreciate Alexia’s transparency and collaborative nature. She is happy to explain all aspects of the appointment, answer client questions, and work with the client and veterinary team to make sure that patients receive the best care. She has experience working in playcare, dog walking, and training. She loves getting to know all the unique pets who come into Goodheart, watching the puppies and kittens grow up, and seeing pets get healthier and more comfortable.

Alexia has two rescue dogs: Mara, a kelpie mix, and Mavis, a rescue pit bull mix from Mexico. Mara’s calm personality helps balance out the fun puppy energy that Mavis has. She loves spending time with her dogs, hiking, working on training, or hanging out at the dog park. She also enjoys going to the dine-in movie theatres.

Jenyfer Kao

Client Service Coordinator

Clients love Jenyfer’s sense of humor, compassion, and active listening skills. She takes time and consideration to understand clients’ and pets’ needs so that she can provide the best possible care. She collaborates with clients, the doctor, and the technicians to create the perfect plan for each appointment. Her passion for animal care contributes to everything she does at Goodheart.

Jenyfer shares her home with her two dogs: Moose (a cairn terrier/schnauzer mix), and Maggie (a bichon frise), and her calico cat, Chloe. When not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and teenage son, sewing, and crafting (she makes adorable stuffed plushies).

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