Summer in Colorado is a great time to get out and enjoy all that our beautiful state has to offer! Whether it’s hiking, enjoying farmer’s markets or road trips, Goodheart Animal Health Center has you covered on health and safety tips for your dogs and cats.

Road trip! First and foremost, make sure your microchip information is up to date. You never know when the unexpected can happen, and you want to be prepared should you get separated from your pet. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message if you need help updating your information. Next, have your pet travel within their own crate. They often feel more secure in their own space and it can prevent them making a run for it when car doors open. Also, make sure your pet has been exercised for several days prior to the big trip. It can really ease their nerves and calm them down before you hit the road. And finally, if you think you need some medication when you’re traveling, make sure you allow ample time to talk to your vet and try the meds with your pet before you go. Make your appointment here!

Walks and hikes in our beautiful state are a must, but make sure you’re taking the heat into consideration when setting out. Dr Beth Spencer, Medical Director at Goodheart says, “Consider booties when taking your pet out onto hot pavement or on long hot hikes. We see a lot of pad blisters. And heat stroke is real! Always bring extra water (and a container) for your pet as well as letting them seek shade whenever necessary.”

Colorado heat can be intense! Never, ever leave your pet in your car. Dr Spencer reminds us that the temperature can increase by 25 degrees in just 10 mins within a closed car. Not only is it incredibly dangerous to leave your animal in a car, but you could be asking for damages to your vehicle as well. The Colorado General Assembly passed a in law 2017 which provides ‘immunity for a person who renders emergency assistance from a locked vehicle’ – in other words, making it legal to break into a locked car to rescue a dog or cat.

We hope to see you and your pets out and about while safely enjoying your summer in gorgeous Colorado!

Summer travel tips from Dr Spencer! 🌞

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