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“Thanks to Dr Jensen, Kevin is back to acting like a puppy again! Without her dedication and detective skills, I fear the worst would have happened.” – Jennifer Zanzoni

Routine labs on Kevin, an 8-year-old Pekingese Mix, revealed a high white blood cell count. Dr Cassie Jensen tested him to find out why this was elevated and found an often life-threatening tumor on his adrenal gland. We removed it and his blood levels are improving.

Without seeing the abnormalities in Kevin’s lab work, there’s a greater chance we wouldn’t have found the tumor before it affected his life.

Yearly check-ups with lab tests are important. Lab tests serve as a measure of your pet’s wellbeing. We recommend labs for every pet, every year no matter the age of your cat or dog. 

Goodheart analyzes bloodwork to view your pet from the inside out. 

We’re looking at these critical areas:

  • Liver function — The liver is such an important organ and does so many things for the body. We test for diseases (like hepatitis, cirrhosis and more) to ensure it is functioning well. 
  • Kidney function — Kidney disease is common in dogs and cats. There aren’t obvious symptoms early on, so lab work is the key to detection. Early awareness can add years to your pet’s life.
  • Heartworm disease — Cats and dogs can catch heartworm disease from mosquitos. It leads to organ damage, lung disease, and heart failure if untreated. If your pet is having respiratory symptoms, let’s run lab work to check for heartworm disease.
  • Complete blood count — This test lets us check for changes in red and white blood cells, dehydration, infection, and more. 
  • Blood glucose — This test reveals if your pet has developed diabetes. Like humans, we’re seeing an upward trend in pet diabetes cases. 


Poop and urine tests offer insights into your pet’s digestive systems and overall health:

  • Urinary tract infections 
  • Kidney disease 
  • Parasites

“Our kitten had a urinary tract infection, but we didn’t know until she was tested. We thought she was having trouble learning to use the litter box,” says Sarah, mom to a rescue kitten. 

It is hard to notice signs of disease in our cats and dogs. They can’t tell us when they feel bad. 

Yearly check-ups with lab tests help us catch issues early. Our goal is to help your pet live a longer, healthier life by your side.

Contact our hospital to schedule your yearly wellness exam for your cat or dog.

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