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If your furry pal (dog or cat) is afraid of fireworks, learn how to find them if they take off in a panic.

We’ve written tips to help pets feel safe and secure during Independence Day festivities

In this blog, we’ll address what to do if your pet happens to run away or get lost.  

4 steps to find a lost pet.
Step 1: Share your pet’s picture

  • On social media:
    • Post the clearest, most recent photo of your pet.
    • Add their physical description and where they were last seen.
    • Share to your social media accounts and to local group pages (lost pet pages, buy/sell groups, neighborhood chats like Nextdoor). Encourage your network to share your post. It’ll increase the chances of it being seen by someone who has seen your pet.
  • On neighborhood signs:
    • Hang large, bright signs with big, dark font. This way, moving cars can see your information.
    • Post near stop signs and crosswalks.
    • Mention if your pet is microchipped, but never share the number so others cannot use that to assume ownership of your pet. 

Step 2: Contact vets, shelters, and city resources

  • Call local veterinary hospitals. Goodheart meets so many good Samaritans who find a lost dog or cat. They turn to us to scan the pet for a microchip.
  • Call shelters near your home (daily) to see if your pet has turned up. Email a picture and description to each facility.
  • Call city resources. This includes 311 and this website to file a Found Pet report and view lost pet listings. 

Step 3: Ask family and friends for help combing your neighborhood
Nothing beats a dedicated search party. 

Bring your pet’s favorite treats and toys—think smelly snacks and squeaky toys—and knock on every door, calling your pet’s name as you go. Listen for yelps, whimpers, and cries, as your pet may be hurt or stuck somewhere. 

Step 4: Call your pet’s microchip registration company
Your pet’s microchip registration company may have a service that issues a lost pet poster to the area’s veterinary hospitals and animal shelters. Contacting the company also will put out the alert that your pet is missing, and their employees can help with any other resources they might have. 

We hope you never need these tips! Yet, we know pets do sometimes run away and hope these tips are useful should you ever need them. 

In honor of National Lost Pet Prevention Month, schedule an appointment with our team to have your pet microchipped to help ensure a happy reunion.  

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