100 Little Things

Every day we do at least 100 things to provide our clients and community with the best possible veterinary experience.
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What makes us different?

1. Family We know your pets are a part of your family. We want you to feel like you’re a part of ours.

  1. Local shelter pets: From day one, we’ll provide thousands of dollars of free medical care each year to pets in Denver so that they’ll be ready for adoption.
  2. Neighborhood schools: We will also attend school science days, and career fairs to encourage the next generation of veterinarians.
  3. We Love Historic Buildings: The Goodheart Building has been around for nearly one hundred years and we want to help maintain usage of this beautiful Denver architecture.
  4. Specialty Referrals: We are within 20-minutes of three partners. We have great choices to get your pet the best specialized-care if needed.
  5. Sliding Doors: We designed exam rooms with sliding doors so we’ll never run over your pet (or its tail) when entering the room.
  6. Tags: We engrave personalized Firehouse pet tags for our patients. PS–we have cat and dog sizes.
  7. Lobbies: We have clean, comfortable, and spacious lobbies for our guests.
  8. You can stay with your pet: We design windows into our doors and walls so that you can see what is going on in our treatment area. If you’d like, you can stay beside your pet for all parts of treatment.
  9. 24-Hour Phone Service: We provide 24-hour care by phone, so you know that we’ll always be there when you need us most.
  10. Happy visits: These hospital drop-ins build positive experiences and memories using cuddles, playtime, and treats.
  11. Alternatives: Between our own team members and partner providers, we offer alternative therapies including acupuncture and laser treatments.
  12. Proactive Measures: We like to plan ahead for fearful, anxious, and stressed pets. If you or your pet stress about visiting the vet, call us before your visit so we can plan a quick move through the lobby, have favorite treats ready, or create a pre-visit plan with medications or supplements for the appointment.
  13. Smiling Faces: Our Client Service Coordinators will answer all your questions.

15. Coffee: We partner with local coffee companies to provide you with tasty coffee any time you visit.

  1. Tours: We love to show off our hospital to clients and guests, at any time!
  2. Playtime: We can’t wait play with your pets during our downtime. It’s the best part of our day!
  3. We Smell Good! We work hard to not “smell like a vet clinic” because we are anti-stink.
  4. Great Art: Each hospital features art that brightens our walls while also helping our pets feel calm.
  5. Snacks! Nothing makes kids (and adults) happier than grabbing a snack and a drink in our lobby.
  6. Kid Stuff: Toys, Goodheart coloring books, cartoons, and more to keep them entertained during your visit.
  7. Local Nonprofits: We provide thousands of dollars of free medical care to local shelter pets each year (over $35,000 to date)!
  8. Red or white? We say “thank you” for giving us a try with a bottle of red or white wine.
  9. Heated Tables: We have heated tables for our dental procedures to keep our patients nice and warm even while under anesthesia.
  10. Open Doors: There are no boundaries in our facilities. We partner with you in patient care. Ask us questions and join us in the treatment area.
  11. Getting on the Floor: Most of our patients are more comfortable there and so are we.
  12. Doctor Time: Our doctors take time to sit and chat because it’s the core of how we practice.
  13. Comfort Room: We have special rooms for deep discussions or to say goodbye to a beloved pet. A separate exit to the outside gives our clients privacy for tough moments.
  14. X-rays: We pinpoint issues with a state-of-the-art digital system providing quick, high-quality images.
  15. Surgery Suite: We perform procedures in a dedicated suite full of the best medical devices available.
  16. Referral Program: When you trust us enough to send us a new client, you both benefit!
  17. Behavior Training: We vetted and recommend Denver’s best “dog whisperers” for behavioral issues.
  18. Stress-Free Experience: We constantly strive to provide low-stress experiences for our patients and clients. We use Fear Free and Cat Friendly Practice techniques.
  19. Cremation Services: We work with Regency because they treat our patients like their own pets.

35. No paperwork to fill out: There are no “new patient forms” and we’ll complete and submit your rebates, insurance and rewards!

  1. Coloring Wall: Yes, this allows our fantastic team to showcase their artistic talent, but our “art wall” also offers your kids an outlet for theirs!
  2. Scheduling: We care about flow and our schedule. Emergencies happen but we typically run on time.
  3. Dental X-rays: Our digital system is crucial in providing the best care for your pet’s teeth.
  4. Technician Team: Our vet techs are the best in the business, continually developing their skills. Plus, they bring their kind and positive attitudes to work each day.
  5. Communication Training: We help team members become better communicators through ongoing education because it directly affects patient care.
  6. After procedure care: Coming out of surgery can be scary. We cuddle with them and give them love and attention until they go home.
  7. Housing: When your pets are with us, they get to lounge in spacious runs with clear doors or in kennels with comfy blankets.
  8. Preventive Care: Everything we do is to ensure our patients live long, happy, and healthy lives.
  9. Puppies & Kittens: We provide discounted packages for the crucial early days, including spays and neuters.

45. Client Rewards Program: Your loyalty means a lot. Our program rewards you with special perks. Rewards are automatically applied to your account.

  1. Drop-Offs: We know you’re busy, so we welcome early appointment drop-offs and late pick-ups.
  2. Bravery certificates: It can be scary going someplace new, so we are sure to recognize when your pet has been courageous.
  3. Safe Anesthesia: Our team is extensively trained, we always have a dedicated anesthetist, and we use state-of-the-art monitoring equipment to make anesthesia as safe as possible for your pets.
  4. Boarding, Grooming, Training, and Product Partners: We research and build relationships with Denver service providers and vendors so you can rely on our recommendations.
  5. Lab: Our on-site and reference laboratories provide comprehensive diagnostics for our patients.
  1. Kennels: Our accommodations are clean, spacious, and comfortable for our patients.
  2. Telemedicine: Our medical team has 24-hour access to a specialist network for case consultation.
  3. Realistic healthcare plans: We take your budget and lifestyle into account when coming up with your healthcare plan. We understand it has to work for you.
  4. Treats: Cheese, peanut butter, and cookies for dogs. Catnip for kitties. We love to treat your cat and dog. .
  5. Follow-up calls: You’ll always get a post-surgery check-in from us.
  6. Giving: For every $250 you spend, you can donate $5 to a community group.
  7. Cat-Friendly: We provide separate exam rooms, kennels, and treatment areas for our feline friends. These areas even feature cat art and Feliway (pheromones) to decrease stress.

58. Vet For A Day: We donate in-hospital experiences to a local school and community group fundraisers. This helps nonprofits raise funds and it helps encourage the next generation of veterinarians!

  1. Internships: We mentor high school, college, and vet school interns at our hospitals to help build careers. Ask us about this program if your student is a budding veterinary professional.
  2. Team Meetings: We have regular meetings with our teams to ensure everyone is on the same page and we are best able to help each other, our clients, and our patients.
  3. Continuing Education: As a team, we are always learning and training to stay on the cutting edge of medicine.
  4. Info To Go: We send every patient home with complete information for continuing care.

63. Agenda setting. When we begin our appointment, we list all the items we need to discuss so nothing gets forgotten.

  1. We’ll welcome you by name. We know who you are.
  2. Specialist Partnerships: We work with a number of specialists so advanced procedures can be performed at our own hospitals.
  3. Community: From day one we’ve given back to our community. We engage with and support local community groups who work with kids and animals.
  4. Brodie the Big Dog and Broc the Big Cat: Starting in 2020, our 12’ tall blow-up mascots will attend our events and occasionally visit the hospital.
  5. Hiding Spots For Cats: We have nesting boxes in each room, as well as furniture in the lobby designed to help your kitty feel more secure.
  6. Awesome Doctors: We invite only the brightest, most caring, and experienced doctors to join our team.
  7. Denver Vibe: We embrace the local culture; life can be stressful and we’re here to give you peace of mind.

71. Comprehensive Care: We provide complete pet care in our hospitals, and we coordinate care with specialists when necessary.

  1. Education: We want you to understand what is happening; the more you know, the better we do our job.
  2. Mutual respect. You know your pet best. We’ll listen to you as we develop your pet’s care plan.
  3. Demonstrations: We take the time to teach you how to care for your pet at home, whether you’re using a new medication, giving injections, or learning about oral care and nail-trims.
  4. Client Relationships: We work hard to earn your trust, as we feel lucky to collaborate with you and provide care to your pet.
  5. ER Crash Cart: In emergencies like snake bites, there’s no time to waste. We have ER kits ready to go in case quick action is need.
  6. Dental Exams: We are tooth fanatics, so come in any time for a free dental exam.
  7. Online Meds: Our online pharmacy is an easy, convenient, and economical way to buy pet meds!
  8. Returns: If a diet we provide doesn’t work out, we will take it back for a full refund and find another solution.
  9. Vaccines: We respect the power of vaccination, and we use as few as possible, tailored to each patient.
  10. Microchips: We will remind you to keep the information up-to-date so you can be quickly reunited with your pet should he run away or get lost.
  11. We encourage questions: Call us any time or bring your list to your pet’s exam.
  12. End of life consultations: We’ll talk to you as often as you need. We’ll never rush you. We want your pet’s quality of life to be high in his or her last days with your family.
  13. Old age conversations: We’ll talk as often as you need to offer at-home-care tips and palliative medicine to meet your pet’s needs.
  14. Social media contests: Show off your pet and win awesome prizes from local companies.
  15. Cat in a bag? Or a carrier? No problem. We’ll examine your cat wherever he’s most comfortable.
  16. Memorial Program: We honor each of our patients lives by making a financial contribution to help Denver animals in need.
  17. Go Local: As a Denver-founded company, we support local businesses through patronage or referrals.

89. The Human-Animal Bond: We value the role your pets play in your family; we treat them as if they were our own.

  1. Nutrition: We take the time to make food recommendations fine-tuned to your pet. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions.
  2. Multiple Denver Locations: We aim to serve you in your neighborhood. We are currently in 2 Denver locations.
  3. 30-Minute Slots: We buck the industry trend and schedule plenty of time for our appointments.
  4. Saturdays: We are open for weekend appointments because we know you’re busy during the workweek.
  5. Surgery: Scheduled or emergency, we provide most procedures right here, right now.
  6. Easy Appointments: Easily schedule an appointment on our website or even through Google!
  7. Swag: Bandanas, tennis balls, ping pong balls, bubbles, and more. We encourage fun!
  8. Coaching Veterinary Students: Our veterinarians travel to veterinary schools to teach team dynamics and communication skills for hundreds of vet students each year.
  9. We take your feedback to heart: Good or bad, your thoughts helps us do better.
  10. Client Appreciation Events: We host annual client parties to say thank you for being a part of our family, including anniversary celebrations and more.
  11. Parking Spots: We make it easy for you to drop off your pet with spots right out front.

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